HDG aims to be a long-term financial partner with consortiums formed by real estate promoters and builders.

In addition, HDG, throught its partnership with Société Immobilière Codimm, develops small to mid-size residential and commercial projects.


HDG looks for ownership in real estate projects with the following attributes :

  • Promoters and builders with a pioneer spirit in the real estate market
  • Real estate projects supporting the economic growth of the community
  • Obtaining an adequate return for the risks taken


  • ssq

    SSQ Financial Group

    One of the largest financial companies in the province of Quebec, SSQ develops and manages its real estate portfolio which includes commercial and residential projects.

  • Ipso Facto

    Montreal-based real estate investment fund, Ipso Facto provides capital and financial expertise to real estate promoters.

  • cite_verte

    La cité verte

    First multiresidential and commercial green project using smart systems built in the province of Quebec.

  • devmcgill


    First class condominium promoter based in Montreal.

  • HDG

    HDG also has many investments in commercial and residential real estate projects.

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