Based on its financial expertise, its operations background and its large business network, HDG is the ideal financial partner for Quebec’s entrepreneurs. HDG is able to support them in their different projects such as :

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Growth projects and operations optimization
  • Management succession


HDG aims for ownership in the capital of private companies with the following attributes :

  • A history of profitability
  • Positive growth prospects plus potential to optimize operations
  • Solid management team with the goal and capacity to bring their company to become a leader in their field with the help of its financial partners

Principles for responsible

In addition to the above financial criteria, HDG puts forward the following responsible investment principles in its investment process :

  • Products or services that are essential to the collectivity or that increase the quality of life of individuals or communities
  • Management team acting with fairness, integrity and transparency
  • Company that puts the employees’ health in the forefront and has built inclusive relationships with them
  • Involvement within the community from the company and its employees
  • Company that considers the impact of its business décisions on the environment

Current partnerships

  • chocolat_favoris

    Les Chocolats Favoris

    Les Chocolats Favoris operates a network of awe-inspiring chocolate stores across Canada.

  • hotel_le_germain

    Groupe Germain Hôtels

    A family-run company that owns and operates 13 hotels across Canada under the Alt Hotel and Le Germain Hotel brands.

  • Compass Foods

    Compass Foods is one of Canada’s largest processors and distributors of private label dried fruits, nuts and marshmallows.

  • Pixmob

    Pixmob is a world leader in developping and commercializing lighting objects for the entertainment industry. The Company also commercialize the Klik, a connected object aiming the meeting, conferencing and exhibitions market.

  • Dose Juice

    Dose Juice is a Quebec-based pionner in the organic cold pressed juiced industry. Dose Juice is also commercializing a plant-based milk alternative, addressing the growing plant-based dairy market.

  • Tutti Gourmet

    Tutti Gourmet develops and fabricates diverses delicious non gluent and without allergens snacks. Tutti Gourmet commercializes its products in Canada, the United States and in Europe.

  • Element AI

    Element AI is a global provider of software based on the artificial intelligence.

  • angiochem


    Angiochem is a clinical-stage biotechnology company working at discovering and developing new drugs to treat neurological diseases.

  • HDG

    HDG also has other investments in various private companies

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  • logo-groupe_germain
  • logo-angiochem
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Investments sold

  • maple_treat

    L.B. Maple Treat

    One of the largest independent bottler and distributor of pure maple syrup worldwide. In August 2017, L.B. Maple Treat was bought by Rogers Sugar Inc., a Canadian corporation, wholly owns Lantic, which operates cane sugar refineries in Montréal, Quebec and Vancouver, British Columbia, as well as the only Canadian sugar beet processing facility, in Taber, Alberta.

  • groupe_maurice

    Le Groupe Maurice

    Groupe Maurice is one of the largest manager of retiree residences in Québec. In June 2019, Groupe Maurice was sold to Ventas, a leading U.S. real estate investment trust owning a diverse portfolio of approximately 1,200 assets in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom. The transaction valued Groupe Maurice’s portfolio at 2.4 G$.


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